Drake-“Controlla” featuring Popcaan and “These Days” Leaked

Two of Drake’s songs that will be in his future album, Views From the Six, titled “Controlla” and “These Days” have been leaked to the public this morning. Views From the Six is the most anticipated album to be planned to release to the public this Summer ’16.

Drake’s-“Controlla”featuring Popcaan is a down-tempo Caribbean jam. Drake uses a very subtle amount of Auto-Tune as he sings for a girl who attempts to control him by playing games. Nonetheless, we get a good feel for the song’s island-influenced 808’s and simple keyboard melody. Song can be found here.

Drake’s-“These Days”is a pop song that is a cover of Jackson Browne’s song “These Days”.

Fun Fact about Drake: His real name is Aubrey Graham.




Madagascar is Short on Vanilla: Ice-Cream Prices Will Rise Summer ’16

Vanilla Prices Will Spike

Many ice-cream fans might take vanilla for granted, but the beans are actually bold aromatics that are becoming increasingly popular in the health movement for natural and organic ingredients in food.

The problem is not with the demand for Vanilla, but for the lack of supply. Believe it or not, Madagascar, the African island nation is one of the world’s leading vanilla-bean producers. In Madagascar last year, a very poor harvest has led us to believe that Vanilla prices will rise this upcoming Summer ’16.

The price of vanilla beans has more than tripled in the last year. Quality vanilla now goes for $250/kilogram versus $80/kilogram a year ago.

The price boost is attributed not only to lower supply, but poorer quality. Some growers harvested the beans prematurely.

That means cakes, ice cream or even perfume could face rising prices,  Some companies are even going as far as searching for alternatives to avoid sourcing the more expensive vanilla.



Instagram Changes with Future Update

Instagram is attempting to fix the platforms main issue: Did you know that the average Instagram user misses about 70% of the content that is in their feed?

Well, Instagram has a solution. In order to improve the chances of their users finding relevant and important content Instagram plans to use an algorithm similar to Facebook’s. The new idea will put content in order of relevance rather than chronological order. The future changes have sparked controversy.

Instagram CEO explains, “What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.”

Influence in America: From Maine to California and Florida to Alaska, more than 90 million Americans have joined Instagram since the photography site launched in 2010.

Monkey Takes a Selfie and Legal Trouble Begins

Naruto, a Sulawesi macaque in the photo above, snapped the pic above with photographer David Slater’s camera after the monkey picked it up in 2011.

David Slater claimed copyright on the picture and included it in his newest released book.

The funny thing is that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued Slater over copyright infringement as they believed that the copyrights should go to Naruto, the monkey himself, as he took the picture.

Slater initially claimed copyright as I said above, but the Wikimedia Foundation put it up on Wikimedia commons, claiming the photo is not copyright-able since it was not actually taken by a person. Slater ultimately failed to get the photo removed, and the U.S. Copyright Office explicitly stated in 2014 that a “a photo taken by a monkey” is a work created by natural elements, and therefore cannot be copyrighted.

Though it seems unlikely that PETA will win this case, it would be a feather in the cap of activist groups attempting to legally establish person-hood for several intelligent animals.

An appeals court will decide if they will uphold the court ruling in Naruto’s case in about a month.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent will be bringing their epic showdown into cinemas on Friday, March 25 in the United States. The greatly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will be predicted to top the 2016 box-office sales charts.

Henry Cavill will wear Superman’s red and blue tights once more, with Ben Affleck slipping into a slimming black unitard and matching cape for the first time as Batman. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Women is along for the ride too.

Basic Plot: It’s been nearly two years since Superman’s (Henry Cavill) colossal battle with Zod (Michael Shannon) devastated the city of Metropolis. The loss of life and collateral damage left many feeling angry and helpless, including crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). Convinced that Superman is now a threat to humanity, Batman embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth, while the conniving Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) launches his own crusade against the “Man of Steel”.

The official trailer can be found here. #whowillwin

Barack OBloga’s “March Madness” Funniest Player Names Ranked

Above is the my Rankings for the Funniest Names of March Madness Players. Here is the list:

10.Coreontae Deberry-I assumed this name was from a Key & Peele “East vs.West Bowl Game” until I saw him play the other night for Cincinnati. Above is the a picture of “The DeBerry” getting smushed. Everyone knows smushed berries don’t taste good and thus consequently, Cincinnati lost in the first round.

9. Daniel Dingle-This Temple basketball player has a very effective offensive strategy. He attempts to look like horror film ghost “Scream”. His ringtone on his phone is “Hot Line Bling” by Drake.

8.Bonzie Colson-This Notre Dame basketball player loves to go to the pool on his off days. Thus, as shown above, Bonzie likes to flail his arms like a pool noodle whenever he misses a shot to think of happy thoughts and keep a positive attitude.

7.OG Anunoby- This Indiana basketball player displays above with precision and perfection, the OG or Original “Low Five”.  Many basketball players use the hand clap gesture commonly known as the “High Five”, but as we all know, OG Anunoby created the “Low Five” and thus plays ball with style.

6.Tres Tinkle- This Oklahoma basketball player is known for his great defensive technique of always having his head on a swivel. Always keeping an eye on the defender and an eye on the bathroom of course.

5.Papa Ndao- This Saint Joseph’s basketball player is known by everyone as the father of basketball. In the Atlantic 10 Championship a couple weeks ago against VCU, Papa Ndao was thrown out for saying something to the referee that wasn’t shared with the public. I am fairly sure that Ndao was thrown out of the game because the referee didn’t believe that Ndao was his father. Thus, with the anxiety of finding his true father, the referee was forced to dismiss his dad from the game as he was so overwhelmed he couldn’t focus on the game. Ndao responded by saying, “See you later son.”

4.Diamond Stone- This Maryland basketball player is rock solid. As shown above, he uses the skill of sticking his tongue out to distract the other team and lead Maryland to victory.

3.Giddy Potts-This Middle Tennessee basketball player has an unorthodox way of playing defense as shown above. He tries to look like an injured crashing bird in flight to distract his opponent. When it works, which is every time, he then soars high to the basket for a dunk after his tremendous steal from wherever he is on the court.

2.Mo Alie-Cox-This Virginia Commonwealth basketball player is my favorite on the list. Have you ever seen him play? If you haven’t, imagine an ox playing basketball. The bad news for Mo is that I heard from a credible source that he is being persecuted for stealing the dignity from George Washington’s big man Tyler Cavanaugh, when he posturized him in one of VCU’s games. You can see the dunk here.

1.Scoochie Smith -This Dayton basketball player is our March Madness Funny Name Champion. Above, Scoochie is shown in his natural habit eying his target, getting ready to “Schoochie” his way over to the cute cheerleader on the sidelines and then proceed to get her number.

Barack-Etology: March Madness 2016-Kansas Jayhawks


President Barack Obama has picked Kansas to win the NCAA title, with the hopes of correctly selecting college basketball’s national champion in the first and last years of his presidency.

Obama will leave office in January 2017. He correctly picked North Carolina in his first year in office in 2009, but he hasn’t selected the winner in the past six brackets.

Obama also picked the Jayhawks to knock off Texas A&M and the Tar Heels to beat Michigan State in the Final Four before meeting in the final on April 4th in Houston.

This is the third time he has picked Kansas to win the title; he also selected the Jayhawks in 2010 and 2011.

Barack’s “big upset” is his prediction of his home state Hawaii, to beat the higher seeded California.

Barack Obama discusses that a lot of his choices for his predictions are based upon choosing teams with great coaches as he believes they can coach any players to victory. Thus, Obama has a lot of faith in Coach K of Duke, Coach Izzo of Michigan State, Coach Calipari of UConn, and of coarse, Coach Self of his predicted champion, Kansas.

Obama believes that Kansas will win due to the talents of Coach Self, and star players Perry Ellis and Wayne Selden as well. He believes that Buddy Hield of Oklahoma will be the next great NBA player and believes that Denzel Valentine of Michigan State is the best player in the tournament.

You can find Barack Obama’s March Madness interview here.