Saturday Night Live: Kanye’s “Ultra Light Beam”

Kanye West’s new song, “Ultra Light Beam”, along with his new album, The Life of Pablo, are hits and can be easy considered some of Kanye’s best music, and may be in consideration for one of the best released rap albums in history. Kanye West will battle Kendrick Lamar’s album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”, as the best rap album of the last couple decades. The controversy, however, never seems to be about whether or not Kanye has produced quality music, it happens to always be about how he introduces his music. Kanye West constantly receives criticism for his struggle with monogamy, his sometimes outrageous arrogance, and his lack of skill in the field of business. Kanye West, as described in his hit single, “Ultra Light Beam”, believes that he lives in a ‘God Dream’ and that he is more superior and influential than anyone else on the planet. His lack of humility and uncontrollable arrogance has tainted Kanye West’s reputation in music. In addition, for his new album, The Life of Pablo,¬†Kanye West decided to make it limited and only available on Tidal for purchase. In the digital age, this was a HUGE mistake as the music has now been illegally downloaded over 1/2 million times as consumers don’t want to use Tidal. Thus, although Tidal has gained significant popularity, Kanye has lost tons of money as consumers have illegally taken his album for free. With this backfire in his plan, Kanye is looked at by the public as a fool. He is now in debt somehow despite his popular music. Can Yeezy make things right? I don’t know. He is a god apparently.

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